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Full Scale Mock-ups

We are able to undertake large and complex mock-ups to meet demanding programme and quality requirements and to help clients and stakeholders see how finished facilities might look and perform, an exercise which can greatly benefit the final design.

Examples of previous projects include;

    • Full scale (20m long, 8m high) mock-up of a Crossrail Station (shown above)

    • 1/10th scale model test to validate the design of the Containment Structure at Sizewell B power station

    • Design validation tests on new tunnel lining design for use on the London Water Ring Main

    • Bespoke testing to prove the safety case for engineered safety enhancements to safety-critical structures at nuclear power stations

    • Facility for drop testing of flasks for transporting radioactive waste

    • ‘Pull-over’ tests on full-scale building frames

    • Method statement trials to minimise critical track occupation times at Kings Cross Station

For more information on the Crossral Station project click here