GoCycle Challange Winners

VINCI Technology Centre wins the GoCycle Challenge in Leighton Buzzard and Linslade with 13.9% participation.

Employees at the Technology Centre have recently participated in the GoCycle Challenge. This is an initiative run by the local council trying to encourage more people in Leighton Buzzard and Linslade to get cycling.

Over the space of three weeks, employees at Technology Centre competed with other local organisations in the category of 100+ participants to see what percentage of employees they could encourage to log a 10 minute ride on the internet.

There were weekly prize draws and also FREE cinema tickets for those who have not ridden a bike in over one year. There was also a lunchtime bike ride competition where locals were encouraged to visit the GoCycle stand, borrow a bicycle, cycle for ten minutes and then log the ride online. At the end of the lunch session all participants were entered into a prize draw to win an i-Pod Shuffle.

Steve Boyd, Head of Internal Services, won the i-Pod shuffle, and kindly donated it into a raffle which took place on VINCI Day, raising £128 for Keech Cottage Children’s Hospice.

Published: 16/05/2011


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