VINCI Technology Centre UK wins second Battersea Contract

Crossrail Director and local MP visit the Technology Centre

May 20th marked a high profile visit to the VINCI Technology Centre from a Crossrail Director and politician.

Crossrail’s External Affairs Director, Will Parkes, and Andrew Selous, Conservative MP for South West Bedfordshire, toured the Technology Centre where they visited the full-scale Crossrail underground station platform model, built by the Technology Centre Team.

The visit to the model presented the Crossrail Director with the opportunity to see first-hand how the platform will look and feel before it is due to open in 2018. The model has been used extensively by Crossrail in conjunction with its stakeholder groups to aid the design development of the London underground platforms.

For Andrew Selous, it was a return trip. His previous visit was in 2001, soon after the large-scale testing facility opened in Leighton Buzzard. He wanted to see for himself how a Blue-chip local employer is playing a key part in delivering the major infrastructure scheme in London.

Both guests also saw the largest curtain wall test facility in Europe and several unique acoustic testing chambers, which are amongst the largest in the UK.

Following the visit, Dr Russell Matthews, Director of the VINCI Technology Centre, said:

“This important project shows that practical tests and models still have an important part to play in major projects such as this.”

Published: 21/05/2014


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