VINCI Technology Centre completes safety critical testing for Sellafield

VINCI Technology Centre completes safety critical testing for Sellafield

Our structural testing has been working with another VINCI company, Nuvia Ltd, to support demolition of a chimney stack at Sellafield nuclear site.

The demolition work has been many years in the planning due to the numerous challenges posed by its location on top of the First Generation Reprocessing Plant which carried out the first stage of reprocessing fuel from the Windscale pile reactors.

The stack will be demolished using a quirky self-climbing platform (SCP), which is currently being trialled on a mock 8m high stack in Oldham.

The SCP provides a platform for access to remove the concrete windshield and internal stainless steel flue liner, and will provide the stack with a very visible steel cloak, as physical demolition starts.

Keiron Clarke, sub-project manager, said: “The technology we are using is new to the Sellafield site, but is also being used as part of the demolition of chimneys at the iconic Battersea Power Station in London.

“We’ve worked closely with that project to ensure we learn from their experience, before we bring this technology onto a nuclear licensed site. In addition, we’ve ensured stringent safety standards have been met.

“We know that this is a visible project that will interest people both on and off the Sellafield site, so we’re keen to ensure people know just what is going on and how important this is to the site’s clean-up mission.”

As the stack doesn’t meet modern design standards, the project is a top priority for Sellafield Ltd, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the Office for Nuclear Regulation.

VINCI Technology Centre UK carried out specialist testing to ensure friction co-efficient performance targets were met , durability trials were also performed.
The testing was undertaken at our UKAS accredited laboratories. We designed the test rig and supplied the required calibrated test instrumentation. Our team included expertise in concrete technology and instrumentation specialists.

This is another example of excellent collaboration between VINCI companies.

Published: 16/02/2016


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