VINCI Technology Centre makes an impact

VINCI Technology Centre makes an impact

VINCI Technology Centre were recently commissioned to carry out specialist testing for the Nuclear industry. The project involved dropping an 18 tonne flask from 5 metres and was carried out at our indoor laboratory.

The flasks are used for storage and transportation of Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) and the tests are performed to verify extensive pre-test analysis by our client and their consultants. To this end measurements are recorded  using accelerometers, strain gauges and high speed video.

Confidentiality precludes us from providing more detail but we can confirm that the testing went very well.

Our team have a long history of performing drop tests , past tests have included:

  • 6 tonne flask from 10 metres
  • Various 3m3 7 tonnes boxes from 25 metres
  • 12 tonne boxes from 15 metres

A data sheet is available here.

We have been involved in the nuclear industry since the 1950’s and continue to provide expert engineering support and materials consultancy (especially in concrete).

For this project we worked closely with our sister company Nuvia , see for more information.

Published: 21/05/2015


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